Hadapt platform:Technical Overview

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Hadapt platform:Technical Overview

Hadapt platform provides analysis through MapReduce (MR) and storage through a distributed, shared-nothing file system called the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) that stores data on the compute nodes, providing very high compute capacity across the cluster.

Why Hadapt platform?

Hadapt is a unique, compelling alternative to the current limitations of MapReduce and the tiered data strategy.Hadapt leverages the MapReduce distributed computing framework for fast analysis of massive datasets and provides rich SQL support.

This whitepaper describes how Hadoop analytics is helping to improve performance and agility with faster analysis with mapreduce and HDFS. It addresses key questions like:

  • What is Hadoop MapReduce? How does it works?

  • What are the main components of Hadapt platform when it comes to MapReduce for processing and analyzing data in HDFS?

  • What are the major performance problems of native Hadoop implementations and how to overcome them?

  • How comapnies are embracing HDFS as a cost-effective storage strategy for long-term retention of data in virtually any format?


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