Google Analytics Connector For Informatica Powercenter

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Google Analytics Connector For Informatica Powercenter

The Google Analytics connector for Informatica PowerCenter Environment is designed to create native Google Analytics sources within Informatica PowerCenter installations. Through the Informatica PowerCenter platform, the user can extract data from Google Analytics with the capabilities provided by the connector.

This whitepaper is an Informatica PowerCenter installation guide and gives a complete understanding of how Google analytics act as a connector for Informatica PowerCenter.

  • How to connect Google Analytics in Informatica PowerCenter or cloud?

  • How to leverage Informatica’s transformation processing capabilities?

  • How can different transformations in Informatica help in the processing of data stored in Google Analytics?

  • How can you implement Informatica PowerCenter successfully?

Read this whitepaper to visualize and explore your Google Analytics data with Informatica PowerCenter Connector. 

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